The Spirit of Jazz & Democracy

Improvisation ~ Innovation ~ Freedom

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Spirit of Jazz & Democracy programming is exciting and engaging, customizable and collaborative. Find out more about the experience in the testimonials and articles below.

A new direction in the jazz and art arena”
— Oxford University Press' Grove Dictionary of American Music

“ Hearing Paul and Dominic talk about jazz at intervals between performing it, I was most struck by their description of how, with jazz, one instrument will put out an idea, which will be taken up and responded to by another instrument, and then echoed and reshaped by a third, and so forth, with all instruments listening to one another, and improvising their responses the whole way.

I was imagining this kind of creative dialogue based on listening and responding that already often exists between teachers and students, and that could and should exist between employers and employees, between capital and labor, between voters and politicians, and even maybe one day between Democrats and Republicans.” - Dr. Jaqueline M. Paskow Professor Emerita of French and German St. Mary's College of Maryland


StageCraft radio interview on 96.7 FM WERA with Alex Vidales and Don Zientara featuring Paul F. Murphy and Dominic Fragman

Tight, unafraid, and thoroughly conscious
— JazzTimes
Dominic Fragman is on a beat to change the world
— The Mulberry Tree
Invention through total improvisation
— DownBeat

“The keys to the universe are inside me. To find my own truth is the epitome of freedom. I didn't know what to expect when I came to this class but I leave believing in my ability to discover myself and others.” - St. Mary’s College of Maryland Participant

“As a musician I've understood improvisation, however, this class has opened a deeper understanding.” - St. Mary’s College of Maryland Participant

“When you are able to innovate, improvise, and think freely, you do ultimately have freedom. You have more confidence to move to your own beat.” - St. Mary’s College of Maryland Participant